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Webster`S New World Essential Vocabulary (Repost)

David A. Herzog, "Webster`S New World Essential Vocabulary"
ISBN 0764571656 | 2005 | PDF | 1,5 MB | 402 pages

How’s your vocabulary? Is it okay, pretty good, or exceptional? Whatever your answer to these questions, this is the book for you. For those whose vocabulary ranges from okay to pretty good, here is the opportunity to improve it. The main content is grouped into sets of words that have been taken from the SAT and GRE examinations over the past 10 years. These approximately 1,500 words are expected by the examiners to be familiar in one form or another to college and graduate school applicants. They need to become familiar to you, too.

If your vocabulary is exceptional, this is the opportunity to see whether you really understand what the words you think you know mean and whether you can correctly use them in a sentence.


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