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The Language of Meetings

The Language of Meetings
Lernmaterialien 2003 | 3125240506 | 8MB@RS |122 pages | PDF

Publisher: Klett
ISBN: 3125240506
Average Customer Review: N/A
Format: PDF
Size: 8MB
Supplier: Amazon

THE LANGUAGE OF MEETINGS is a lively course in the language of international meetings. It provides all the necessary language to ensure full and effective participation. Use the program that is regularly used by diplomats!

Date: 2003-07-13 Rating: 5

Essential resource for anyone teaching business students

I've found this book to be indispensible this year while teaching Business English. Deals extremely comprehensively with all aspects of the Language of Meetings. The book is divided into units such as Opinions, Agreeing,Clarifying...

The units are separated into a kind of introduction to see what language the students already know (great for the TTT approach). It then gives lists of language used for each function. Great at showing "lexical chunks" of language.

Then there's a gapfill page to consolidate and help students learn and remember.

A 'mini-task' puts the language into practice with dialogue chains, or mini-roleplays with topic suggestions. The end of the units consist of collocation matching exercises.

Great to dip into for use in more general classes, or use more methodically and work through each unit with students who reguarly have to attend meetings.

Perhaps in too much detail - I'd say it's good for use with Upper Int students and above, but with a bit of cutting and pasting, can easily be adapted for lower level learners.

BUY IT! STEAL IT! USE IT! I love it and so do my students, and colleagues, as it's never on the resource shelf but on someone's desk being used...


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