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Clinical Neuropathology: Text and Color Atlas

Clinical Neuropathology: Text and Color Atlas (US$81.56)
Stationary Office | Pages: 320 | 2006-12-15 | ISBN:1888799978 | 32 MB

This book, Clinical Neuropathology, is particularly aimed at neurologists, pathologists-intraining, and medical students involved in clinical neurosciences and pathology. It also addresses psychiatrists and those practitioners interested in diseases of the nervous system. Over the last decade, a wealth of information has accumulated, impacting practically all disciplines of neurology. Numerous studies have enriched our knowledge of the molecular and genetic basis of neurodegenerative diseases, the genetics of neoplasms, and the molecular biology of inherited neurometabolic diseases, to mention a few. Some studies prompted new classifi cations, some opened new therapeutic strategies, and some still await elucidation.


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