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Outline Of English History

Author: Samuel Rawson Gardiner
Published by: Unknown: (1892)
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Pages: 520
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Outline Of English History
by Samuel Rawson Gardiner
(Rare Book Collection)

The object of this book is to attempt to tell the story of England's history for young children. Important events have been given in fuller detail than is usual, so as to awaken an interest in them, though no story has been told simply because it is interesting—room having been made for this by omitting much that would be merely burdensome to the memory. Very few dates have been inserted, with the exception of those of the kings' reigns.

The second part is intended for children a little older than those for whom the first part was written. Political changes, some of them of a complicated kind, occurred from time to time. It is impossible to pass them over, and yet it is equally impossible to make them very interesting to the young. The same may be said of the religious struggle of the seventeenth century, which is full of interest for older readers.

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