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301 Legal Forms,Letters & Agreements

301 Legal Forms, Letters & Agreements CD-Rom

Published: Revised 2006
Format: PC software

301 Legal Forms,Letters & Agreements

Primarily aimed at the office user but also useful in the home, 301 Legal Forms,
Letters & Agreements is a best-selling document library on CD-Rom, packed with forms,
letters and agreements.

About this CD-Rom
With 301 essential legal documents on one CD, you’ll have the protection you need in
simple legal matters, without the cost of seeing a solicitor.

It features 301 ready-drafted legal documents in Microsoft Word format, written and
approved by solicitors, for business or personal use.
Each document has ready-to-fill-in fields that show clearly what to say and where.

‘301 Legal Forms’ will prove invaluable to any individual or business wanting to save
legal fees, ‘when you need it in writing’!

This software contains legal forms, letters and agreements to safeguard your legal
rights and protect you, your family, your property and your business from everyday
legal problems.
With 301 essential legal documents in one program, you now have available the
protection you need in simple legal matters without the inconvenience or cost of
using a solicitor.

Law Pack publications are the ideal way to “get it in writing”.
What better way is there to document your important transactions, avoid costly
disputes and enforce your legal rights?
In a few minutes you can draw up the legal form or agreement you need to sidestep
misunderstandings, comply with legal obligations and avoid liability.

Written by solicitors, 301 Legal Forms, Letters and Agreements has been approved for
consumer use.


Basic Agreements
Loans & Borrowing
Credit & Debt Collection
Buying & Selling
Leases & Tenancies
Transfers & Assignments
Personal & Family
Affidavit of Power of Attorney
Affidavit of Title
Breach of Contract Notice
Cancellation of an Order to Stop a Cheque
Dishonoured Cheque Notice
Exercise of Option
Extension of Option to Purchase Property
Final Notice Before Legal Proceedings
General Release
General Subordination
Letter Offering to Purchase Property
Letter Rescinding Contract
Licence for Use of a Car Parking Space
Licence to Use Copyright Material
Lost Credit Card Notice
Magazine Article Royalty Contract
Mailing List Name Removal Request
Model Release
National Lottery Syndicate Agreement
Notice of Claim for Indemnity from Joint-Venturer
Order to Stop a Cheque
Permission to Use Photograph
Permission to Use Quotation or Personal Statement

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