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GDBook | Figure Drawing with Virtual Models: Getting the Most Out of Poser Artist

«Figure Drawing with Virtual Models: Getting the Most Out of Poser Artist»
Course Technology PTR | ISBN 1598633287 | 1 edition (November 17, 2006) | 192 pages | PDF | 8.5 Mb

Artists have aspired for centuries to master the technique of drawing the human figure. Live models have been studied in intricate detail in order to create lifelike renderings. Today, advances in technology make it possible for artists to use virtual models, eliminating limitations that surround live models.

Poser Figure Artist from e frontier offers artists an incredible program that makes it easier than ever to conquer the art of the human form. Figure Drawing with Virtual Models is your guide to getting the most out of Poser Figure Artist. You?ll cover the basics of the human anatomy, including skeletal and muscular structure, as you learn how to create and draw your initial figure. Working within Poser Figure Artist, you?ll learn how to set and adjust your model?s pose, visualize the composition of your sketch, and make subtle changes to the lighting that surrounds your model. You?ll also cover the pros and cons of a dynamic model over a virtual model. The accompanying CD-ROM includes a 30-day trial version of Figure Artist as well as a QuickTime movie tutorial and an interview with a practicing artist. Perfecting your figure drawing techniques has never been easier!


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