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The Biology Of Genetic Dominance (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit)

The Biology Of Genetic Dominance (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit)
157 pages | Landes Bioscience | English | ISBN-10:1587062887 | RAR&PDF | 3.36/4.07 MB

The word dominance, in the context of genetics, has been used for long time applied to characters or to alleles. A dominant character masks the expression of an alternative form. This loose definition would even apply when these alternatives are not determined by alleles of the same locus. In turn, a dominant allele refers to an alternative version at the same locus. This dual usage has led, as expected, to some confusion and shows how statistics can complement verbal definitions. Mendel, the pioneer of genetics, did not know the bases of the phenomenon of dominance. Nor was he completely certain to look at characters defined by alleles. But the ubiquity of the phenomenon caused him to elevate his observations to the category of laws, that went, unfortunately, unnoticed until they were rediscovered decades later. Today, dominance and recessivity are concepts commonly used and not only by geneticists. Yet a question remains: do we really understand which are the mechanisms of dominance? This book is an example of an almost self-organized system. Its main driving force has been the enthusiasm of scholars from all over the world that have agreed to write down their thoughts to enlighten our comprehension of dominance. The book relies upon self-contained chapters. They can be considered in the context of a whole, or as separate documents.

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