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New Headway VIDEO Pre-Intermediate (2004)

Author: John Murphy
Published by: Oxford University Press
File size: 56.79 + 74.55 + 73.83 + 59.98 + 52.93 + 69.29 MB, 2.52 MB (SB)
File type: AVI 640x480, PDF (35 pages)

Episode 1 - A Clean Sweep (5m41s, 56.79 MB)
Episode 2 - A Perfect Day (7m26s, 74.55 MB)
• Episode 3 - A Picture of Health (7m25s, 73.83 MB
• Episode 4 - Not Working Out (6m01s, 59.98 MB)
• Episode 5 - A Dog's Tale (5m18s, 52.93 MB)
• Episode 6 - A Brief Encounter
• Student's Book (PDF, 35 pages, 2.52 MB)

PASSWORD: englishtips.org

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